[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On 20th March, 2016, there was a movie premiere at the Ephraim Amu Theater at the University of Education, Central Campus in Winneba. A good number of people turned up. There were photoshoots and lots of popcorn to eat.


The hype was on since the beginning of the month of March, and so people bought the tickets and with great excitement decided to go have a watch of the two cast movie.

Official Movie Poster

Two cast movie. You might wonder if there would be a story to tell with just two people. Well, there was.


The characters were Kwabena, played by Afotey Nii Odai, and starred vicencia Senam Afi as Awurama. She, a film student who decides to go film a documentary in a remote village, meets Kwabena, a young man living all alone in a village discovered by his late mother, after her car breaks down in an unknown location. What happened was told in the lovely piece titled ONCE IN A LIFETIME.


The movie was well acted and produced. There were no unnecessary and prolonged parts and it was simple and easy to follow the story. It has a beautiful story line and an unexpected ending.


Kwabena was a character you should never forget. He had a funny face, and hilarious attitude. Awurama was a beautiful girl with flawless skin.


Just look at this. #flawless skin

The movie is filled with romance, comedy and tradegy at the corner.

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The story was written by Awuarama Delong, produced by Nii Afotey Odai and directed by Nana Affum Barima. The movie has good choices of music (soundtracks) too.

We were supposed to have some celebrity appearances but only Ben Kwadey showed up. During the premiere, we had performances by Nidos and Krizick.


I will rate this movie 7 out of 10.