‘Sanitizer 150 Cedis, Why? It Dey Sanitize Destiny’ – DKB Angrily Asks

It’s extremely shocking and pathetic that there are some people who view every situation including a pandemic as an opportunity to astronomically increase the price of goods and services, exploit consumers and enrich themselves overnight.

Since it was announced that hand sanitizers play an efficient role in preventing the contraction of corona virus, the price of these sanitizers have sky rocketed in Ghana with some shops going to the extreme of selling one for as high as 150 cedis.

And comedian DKB couldn’t help it but pour out his rage and fraustration on such people.

“Sanitizer 150 cedis. Why? It dey sanitize destiny?” – he quizzed.

He also had extremely harsh words for those who have overpriced hand sanitizers as he labelled them as “shameless greeds”.

It is extremely satisfying to realise that our celebrities are not mainly about making money but also about caring for their fans and humanity at large.