#ScammedByASoCalledFriend: Man Narrates Bitter Experience(+Reactions From Twitter Users)

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is a proverb which is largely understood to mean that: you can only identify your friend when you are in need of a thing or two. That notwithstanding, there’s still some kind of ambiguity regarding what the said proverb actually means.

And judging by “modern” human behaviour, it is easy to understand why many are finding it difficult to grasp what that proverb really means.

Many a times, our “friends” run to us for financial help. And when we go the extra mile to lend these “friends” the money, paying back becomes another issue altogether.

A twitter user with the name Fiifi Nocturnal has narrated how he lent money to a “friend” called James who at the time, wasn’t receiving salary. However, James has callously refused to pay back the money that was lent to him.

What’s sad is that Fiifi, despite being sick crossed hell and high water to aid his “friend” James.

Surprise, surprise……! A “no-nonsense” James has also blocked Fiifi on what’s App.

Some people we call “friends”.