Shatta Wale Set To Lose His Incredibly Large Fanbase?

He is reportedly known as the Ghanaian artiste with the largest fanbase. The self- acclaimed dancehall king has never been short of controversy throughout his stellar rise to the top of Ghanaian music. He is adored by his fans. He loves the ghetto youth and the ghetto youth love him.
However, Wale’s most recent distasteful act of uploading a video of a “chick” sucking his “dick” has really caught the eye and many of his fans are seriously disappointed in him. Shatta Wale might say he is entitled to his privacy. If you are entitled to your private life, then why should you put your private life in the full glaring eyes of the public? Shatta Wale must realise that so many people look up to him. He has kids and he should be thinking about the likely consequences when his kids grow up and get to see some of these things he is doing. cannot tell if it is one of his “publicity stunts” to get people talking about him again. Even if that is the case, there are so many other ways he can do that. He is a master of starting and winning musical beefs and so if it is publicity he needs so badly, he should pick a “beef” with any of the musicians we have around. We do not also know if it was a plot to take the attention off Fella Makafui who has attracted so much attention in the past few days.
Shatta Wale is a musical gem and so we do not really understand why he does some of these incredibly “unappreciated” things. Wale must know that a lot of people look up to him for inspiration and so he needs to try and tame himself a bit. There is definitely no Shatta Movement fan who will be impressed after seeing that “dick licking” video of his.
Wale must know despite his MONEY POWER, he should FORGETTI about TAKING OVER Ghana [and the world] if he keeps on doing some of these “dirty” acts. AYOOO!!!!!
Baiden Gideon
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