Ghanaian artiste Patapaa Amisty has stated that Shatta Wale got his “paah paah paah” term from his name.

According to the Agona-Swedru based artiste, Shatta Wale got his inspiration for the term after he released his Skopatumana song.

“Paah paah paah” has become a term associated with the dancehall act Shatta Wale, and it even acts as his signature tag on most of his songs and collaborations.

However, Patapaa explained that his boss, Shatta Wale, once said he takes inspirations from his songs that even made him produce his “Freedom” song.

“It’s true, Shatta Wale himself has said it over the years that I’m one guy that motivated him to also try some new stuffs. He came out during my One Corner days to say he took inspiration from me to also do his Freedom song.”

He went on to say that say Shatta Wale loved him he took the last three letters of his name ‘paa’ and added ‘h’ and that was how he was able to get his “Paah Paah paah” term.

Watch his video below: