Simplicity: Sadio Mane’s “Classless” Phone Goes Viral – He’s One Of Us

Modern day football and luxury are as inseparable as Rick Ross and his beard. The financial rewards that come with playing football at the topmost level is staggering – hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling roll in weekly. So it’s normal for these footballers to spend a fraction of what they earn on life’s goodies.

However, Liverpool FC and Senegalese forward, Sadio Mane who earns about £150,000 weekly has dared to be different!

He hasn’t allowed his success on the pitch to influence him in any way and he still lives a simple and maybe, “classless” life. He barely displays his assets nor any form of luxury. Well, he’s all about football and nothing else!

A photo of Sadio Mane’s phone has surfaced online and fans cannot help but gape in awe at Sadio Mane’s philosophy for living.

Take a look at the photo of his phone below:

And that’s even shocking when considering the fact that all of Liverpool’s players were gifted a 24 carat golden Iphone each for their Champions League triumph, yet Sadio Mane, the man wouldn’t mind to keep his life simple!