Ghanaian comedian and musician, David Oscar has explained why he once described Shatta Wale’s music as ‘toilet.’

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaweekend TV, he said his resentment of Shatta Wale stems from the music he produces and how he relates to other people.

About eight months ago, he wrote on Facebook: “Anytime I listen to Stonebwoy…Shatta Wale sounds like toilet”.

While some had interpreted his post to mean that he was referring to Shatta Wale’s songs as trashy, he said in the interview with GhanaWeekend TV that his statement was taken out of context.

“This is what I wrote on my facebook wall, I said anytime I listen to Stonebwoy, Shatta sounds like ‘toilet’. I don’t know how that became ‘Shatta produces toilet as music’. These are two different things and I am a musician too so I know music and I know rhythm so I just went out there to put my personal opinion that when I listen to a particular artiste another artiste sounds like toilet compared to that artiste”, he said.

“Today you have a collaboration with Beyonce and you want all of us to be clapping for you. Oh wow, so it works like that? What if somebody also sits somewhere and tries to belittle that? When it was happening to some other person, it was ‘nyaa’ and Shatta was all over the place trying to sound “unintelligent”, he added.

He concluded by saying his comment was misconstrued.

“I’m also an artist working within the Ghanaian space and I believe that I have the right to also express my opinion. It is my opinion. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine. But this is what I said and I really do not know how that was misconstrued to mean that I said he produces toilet as music”, he stated.

David Oscar is currently out with his maiden album titled ‘Cosmical Vibrations.’

He has songs like ‘Monalisa,’ ‘Never Chat Them’, ‘Get there One Day’, among others.

By: Hajia Lamy Gates |