How to Stay Christmas Motivated during the Election Season

We are in a tensed political year, and one thing I hate about political years is the fact, the Christmas Season is on the low. You have to make your own effort of feeling it.

The celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth is one thing we hold dear to our hearts, and even though people are focusing more on the election and politics, we need to commemorate on the birth of the Christ child.

Here are some ways to stay Christmas motivated during this political year.


Put on some Christmas music when you wake up. Putting on some Christmas music first thing in the morning would help us keep the holiday spirit all the day long.


Spend some time at Christmas decorated places. The mall can be a place to roam about and feel a bit of Christmas. The piped music can take your mind away from the political tension.


Attend religious Christmas services. Keeping the story of the Christ Child in our hearts helps us still remember the reason for the season.


Read Christmas related novels and books or watch Christmas related movies and videos.


Deck the halls. Decorate your room with Christmas ornaments.


Follow and read blogs that talk a lot about Christmas. This blog (The Marietta DeGrant Blog) is a perfect example.

Create mood boards.


A mood board helps us to make Christmas plans in every aspect be it fashion, beauty or meal planning.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Source: The Marietta DeGrant Blog