Why Stephen Kwadwo Adom’s “Prophecy” On Shatta Wale Is Bogus, Irrelevant And Invalid

Why “Prophet” Stephen Kwadwo Adom’s Death Threat To Shatta Wale Is Bogus, Irrelevant And Invalid

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Shatta Wale and his SM Militants

“Prophet” Stephen Kwadwo Adom, founder of Zion Miracle Worship Centre [ZMWC] sent a supposed word of caution to Shatta Wale, citing that the Shatta Movement C.E.O should either alter his ways or face death via a motor accident in December.

“Prophet” Adom continued that, Shatta Wale’s remarks of burning down churches of fake pastors in the country was rather unfortunate and in reaction, the “prophet” issued the death threats saying that Shatta Wale will die in a car accident before he carries out the threat of burning down the purported fake churches. Mind you, such threats are not to be treated as prophecies. Why? It is obvious that the message of the “prophet” proceeded out of his mouth as a result of anger rather than revelation, inspiration or interpretation.

Shatta Wale

I quote from 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind”. The point? God’s mode of operation is independent of fear and dependent on love. Statistically, it has been proven that the statement “fear not” is written 365 times in the Bible. That alone should tell you of God’s total abhorrence of fear. Why then will God use something he abhors to lure us into doing something he wants us to do?

Analyzing the premise on which the death threat/ prophecy was issued points out to one fact: The so called “prophet” seems to concur with Shatta Wale that there are indeed fake churches in the country. Therefore, if the “prophet” has an issue, then it ought not to be with Shatta Wale. “Prophet” Stephen’s anger ought to have been directed at the fake pastors who are dragging the name of God into disrepute.

Some “churches” deserve to be burnt to the ashes

Probably, the nation’s laws has to be stricter with these so called men of God who go about issuing death threats just with the mere aim of gaining some popularity.

In any case, if God wanted all of us to be aware of any so called “revelation” he would have informed us all and not limit that knowledge to just one person – this is just in assumption that these prophecies are true. Again, if you have a revelation concerning the life of a person, isn’t it not prudent that the person involved is called privately and spoken to?

There are too many of these self-styled prophets who use the “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” mantra as motivation to say whatever they like whenever and wherever. We must stop perceiving these ‘prophets’ as infallible men with the ultimate say.

The school of thought which also promotes the idea of spiritual things being too difficult for the mind to understand and therefore must hitherto be accepted as truth ought to be disregarded.

The multi-million dollar question is: thou ‘prophet’, are you anointed and validated by God?