Video: Tales of Nazir Movie Teaser

At long last the wait is over, the much anticipated Tales Of Nazir movie will soon be released and while we keep the wait, Louicage and his
hardworking team have released a teaser to whet our appetite. The 2 minutes 40 seconds trailer has it’s setting in a public transport
where we see a Pastor trying to put the word of God across to the passengers. In another scene a lady is seen trying to make a conversation
with a confused Nazir. As promised, the movie features several celebrities including D Black, Wanlov the Kubolor and Okra Tom Dawidi.
In the final scene of the teaser, a question is thrown to the controversial member of the FOKN group, Wanlov the Kubolor which he replies
in a rather sarcastic way. “Wanlov the Kubolor, it has been alleged that you’ve quite a small manhood, how true is that?” and Wanlov answered ” Yeah it is true, Delay uses it as her cotton ear buds”

Enjoy the trailer below:


YouTube video