VIDEO: Brawl Erupts At Nicki Minaj Concert, Show Reportedly Cut Short

Nicki Minaj‘s ongoing “PinkPrint” concert tour was reportedly cut short after a brawl erupted between the concert goers whiles Nicki was onstage performing at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California. According to “NY Daily News”, chairs were hurled during the Nicki Minaj concert brawl and one poor fan was shocked as her face was sprayed with pepper spray. The girl who was pepper sprayed apparently got invited on stage by Nicki Minaj so she could get help after being maced, a video shows.

“Bring her to the stage,” Minaj said into her pink microphone. “The one that just got sprayed with mace in the face.”

Latest updates by TMZ says that law enforcement sources has reported that a 22-year old male was arrested for assaulting a security guard during the concert. Although a lot of people who were present during the concert tweeted that the show was allegedly cut short, TMZ reports that the show was not actually cut short because the brawl and other chaotic incidents transpired towards the end of the show.


YouTube video