It cannot be said that all the girls are just gold diggers who want only your money and nothing else. This is not true. Many women will sincerely appreciate and love you, but there are those who do not feel any feelings for you. And it would be nice if your finances do not suffer from that, but the reason is often in money. So, do not let a gold digger woman deceive you.

  • Too pleasant attitude.

There are many girls with whom it is pleasant to communicate. However, it is very pleasant to communicate with one of the gold diggers. Why? She aims at your pride, agreeing enthusiastically with everything that you say. It is just an unpleasant manipulation.

  • She likes everything you like.

What is a gold digger? It is a perfect manipulator. Well, maybe you are very lucky, and you have found a soulmate. Of course, she might want just to attract you and her desire doesn’t contain anything nasty. Nonetheless, you should still be careful. To find someone who likes everything you like is an idea on the brink of insanity. Men and women are too different for that.

  • She praises you all the time.

If there are too many compliments, then they cease to mean genuine admiration. Praise for a hundred times a day says only that the girl wants something from you, that a pleasant talk is another lie that is designed to deprive you of money.

  • She uses sex as a weapon.

Many girls use sex somehow as a tool of manipulation. Surely this is due to evolution or something like that. However, if a girlfriend has sex with you only to manipulate, then run away from her. Sex is not a reward, it’s not a fee and you do not have to buy something for it. Be better than that.

  • She has no job, but she has high demands.

If she does not work but wears expensive clothes, prefers fashion restaurants, demands expensive leisure from you, then you need to think carefully about whether to continue the relationship with this girl.

  • Gifts always help forgive you.

What’s a gold digger? If you have quarreled with a girl, done a lot of stupid things, then what should be the reaction? You have an awful mood, the girl has a similar one. You want to apologize, and you do that, but it does not work until you give a gift. This is a normal gesture, but if every quarrel ends with forgiveness through a gift, then the girl is obviously oriented towards money, not you.

  • She does not listen to what you tell.

It’s very easy to notice. You can tell all sorts of nonsense or, conversely, tell her something very important, but she doesn’t listen to you, although nodding her head. She does not have strong feelings for you. She does not care about you, but there is a reason why she is still with you. Maybe it is money.

  • She is not interested in your schedule.

When it comes to her life, she remembers everything. In what restaurant it is necessary to go with friends, what purchase it is necessary to make, etc. Nonetheless, she does not interested in your life and does not remember almost anything. She does not care that you want to go somewhere. She does not care about your business. She does not care about you.

  • You do not know anything about her.

Do you know at least some important information about her life? Did she tell about her family? Did she tell about her past relationships or her life priorities? If she does not want to open herself up to you, then this may be a sign that she will never be a loving woman, at least for you.

  • She’s way out of your league.

It’s hard to recognize. However, if you have a trouble with your face, if you are a hog beast, sweating all the time, then it’s unlikely that you will attract any gorgeous beauty. If this happens, then your money is in danger.