Mental Problems That Ruin Your Relationships

How to ruin any relationship? It is enough to turn into an arrogant, ungrateful person who takes a girl for granted. Her problems, way of life are alien to you, and your life together seems to be a cruel joke. This is all clear, but it’s necessary also to look at the mental problems associated with your psychology, worldview. You say yourself all the time, “My jealousy is ruining my relationship”, “Anxiety is ruining my relationship”, but you don’t change anything. Why is it so?

You do not love her.

There is nothing more stupid than hoping that love will appear later in a relationship, based only on sympathy. How many times has it already been written: love is a short-lived thing, it passes, and there are affection, respect, habit in its place. And what do you do? You wait when you get used to her. You don’t want her and have lack of sex ruining relationship because she adores you, wants you in all the known ways. You might have started dating her because everyone had girls, and you did not. And when there is no love and you are full of doubts, you become nervous, constantly spoil the idyll, try to spend less time with her. You try to behave correctly, but you will not be able to pretend all your life. Anyway, don’t reflect on how insecurity ruins relationships because it has a direct impact.

You haven’t made up your mind yet.

There is a type of old boys who do not know whom they want to become in the future. This applies not only to the profession, these guys do not understand what they want from life. In their, for example, 26 years, they still think whether to marry a girl with whom they have been dating for 5 years or leave everything as it is. You are still going to become a rock star, a journalist and a cemetery director. You are sure that everyday life and additional expenses will prevent you from realizing the dream. So, you try to save on the girlfriend. Any normal girl will be embarrassed and disappointed in such a man. The most offensive is that you have nothing to say. Arguments are unconvincing, they can insult the girl.

You need one more fling before settling down.

On the one hand, you think that you will not find anyone better: she is wonderful, she loves you, she laughs at jerks and supports. And on the other hand, you need one more fling all the time. You want to get acquainted more closely with all the beautiful legs, to look at all the beautiful faces and learn the taste of all the lips. Besides, you don’t believe that she is as loyal to you as Hachiko. Can jealousy ruin a relationship? Surely, yes. It also applies to cheating on your part when you hide the marital status in social media and have love affairs all the time. Someone will say that cheating make relations stronger and you can do anything you want because you are not married, but she does not understand that and, as a result, you will get just a ruined relationship.

You do not need anything.

What do you need from life? Do you want to get just regular sex? No, you are asexual. Coitus for you is only a whim of which people are doing nonsense, it is a secondary thing for you. There are much more important things for you. You don’t care that she suffers.

The pride and the difference in worldview are fatal for any couple. Instead of trying to understand each other, you try to impose your habits. You do not like how she behaves, she does not like how you behave. You consider her frivolous because she has many guys among friends, and you try to impose patriarchy in a relationship, she is surprised at your sternness and unwillingness to listen. You might want to change something, but you don’t know what you want. Its high time to sort yourself out.