The Secret: John Dumelo Shares A Simple Success Formula

There’s this saying, “everything you want is on the other side of fear”. But is it all that easy for one to overcome his or her fears?

When you take into consideration Ghana’s educational sytem, it is “easy” to understand why a lot of people find it difficult to muster the much needed courage to try out new things. It’s a system which barely encourages creativity. More importantly, students are taught not to reason / question the status quo but rather to become “followers of the norm”. Nonetheless, man must succeed!

With regard to success, multifaceted celebrity, John Dumelo has shared a simple secret on how to succeed in this challenging ane ever evolving world.

The secret?

So there it is! Whenever you want to try out something, don’t think about the many reasons why you’d fail but focus on the single reason why you’d succeed.

With this little adjustment in attitude, one will definitely find it easier to express his / her inner self and not be very much concerned about the opinions of naysayers cos guess what?

The naysayers will always be there!