The Ghanaian society frowns on indecent public exposure and the law criminalizes it in any form.

However, in every society, there’s bound to be deviants who couldn’t care less about the norms and practices that shapes it.

Socrates Safo

Even though, there are no known production houses in Ghana who are into mainstream porn production, there are several ladies who are unofficially making money from this booming business on social media.

Legendary film maker, Socrate Safo, has revealed in interview that there’s no law in Ghana stopping anyone from shooting p*rn, even though he wouldn’t venture into that business himself.

Speaking on Zylofon FM Wednesday morning, the Director for Creative Arts made it clear that the law is only against the public exhibition of p*rn*graphy and not its making.

“There’s no law against the shooting of P*rn*graphy in Ghana, but you can’t show/exhibit it in public…. In a way they’re telling you not to shoot it because if you can shoot it and not exhibit it in public then how will that work? It’s just like SEC instructing Menzgold to suspend their Gold Vault and then saying they can pay the profits to their customers, how will that work……
I’m not saying anyone should go into p*rn, because there is also a law which can cause your arrest if you’re caught in the act shooting” he said