#ThingsFallApart: “Loyal Disciples” Drink The Dirty Water Their “Pastor” Used To Bath In Order To Be Blessed

One of the fatality of religion is that men could behave as though they were without brains…….!

But this time, the “brainlessness” has reached higher heights!

A video sighted by reveals a man – supposedly a “man of God” taking his bath in a blue barrel and afterwards dipping disposable cups into the same barrel and passing it onto his “staunch” followers to drink!

In justification, the pastor claimed that God instructed him to “quench the thirst” of his “people” with such dirty water in order that they receive manifold blessings from above.

Shocking, isn’t it?

The pastor, known as Mensah Mark was heard speaking a Ghanaian dialect, Twi and the “church” he heads is called ‘Endtime Church Of Nation.

Watch the horrifying video below: