Tokyo Sexwale Biography: Net Worth, Wife, News, Age, Children, Businesses, Foundation, Parents, Girlfriend

If you’re looking for an inspiring and successful figure to follow in the world of business, Tokyo Sexwale is definitely someone to watch. His impressive achievements and impressive net worth are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to learn about his background, marriage, family, businesses and philanthropic efforts.

Background and Personal Life

Born on March 5th, 1953, in Gauteng, South Africa, Tokyo Sexwale is a businessman, politician and former political prisoner. He got his name from his father, who was from Japan. His mother was a South African woman of mixed race. Sexwale was one of the political prisoners imprisoned on Robben Island along with Nelson Mandela, where he served a sentence of 13 years.

After his release from prison, he married Judy van Vuuren with whom he has three children. He is currently married to terrorist expert Dr. Judy Sexwale with whom he has a son.

Net Worth

Tokyo Sexwale’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. His wealth comes from several businesses in the mining and energy industries, including his own company, Mvelaphanda Holdings.


Sexwale is the founder of Mvelaphanda Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a South African diversified company. The company was founded in 1998 and is now a leading private equity firm specializing in infrastructure investments, mining, oil and gas, energy and real estate. Through his businesses, Sexwale has created employment opportunities for thousands of South Africans.


Tokyo Sexwale is also known for his vast philanthropic contributions. He has established The Tokyo Sexwale Foundation, which focuses on education and providing scholarships to underprivileged children in South Africa. The foundation has also assisted various disaster relief efforts such as providing aid to flood victims.

Political Career

Sexwale served as the premier of Gauteng, the most populous province in South Africa, from 1994 to 1998. He also served as the Minister of Human Settlements from 2009 to 2013. He has been a member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee since 1997.

Sexwale was one of the candidates to take over as FIFA president from Sepp Blatter but lost out in the elections to Gianni Infantino.

Personal Beliefs

Sexwale is a strong supporter of the fight against racism. He has also been a vocal critic of corruption, stating that it is a huge problem in South Africa and across the African continent.

Sexwale has been an advocate for women’s rights for many years. He recognizes that women have the potential to bring change, but often face hurdles in being taken seriously in the business world.

Public Service

Sexwale has been involved in public service for many years, working to create change in South Africa and abroad through various organizations such as the Nelson Mandela Foundation. In addition, he has served on the boards of several companies.

Family Life

Sexwale is married to Dr. Judy Sexwale and they have one child together. He has three children from his first marriage, Zwelakhe Sobukwe (son-in-law), Matshepo Comfort Ramoba, Kgarebe Zenzie (daughter).


In conclusion, Tokyo Sexwale is a man of many talents and interests. From his business ventures to his philanthropic efforts, he has made significant contributions to South Africa and the world. His impressive net worth is matched by his commitment to creating change and promoting social justice. If you’re looking for an inspiring figure to follow, Tokyo Sexwale is definitely someone to watch.