Tokyo Sexwale’s ex-wife Judy van Vuuren Biography: Age, Children, Net Worth, Pictures, Wikipedia

Have you ever heard of Judy van Vuuren? She is the ex-wife of Tokyo Sexwale, a well-known South African politician and businessman. This woman is not only a former model, but she is also a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Are you curious to learn more about her life? Keep reading!

Age and Early Life

Judy van Vuuren was born on April 1, 1963, which makes her 58 years old as of 2021. She was raised in South Africa, where she pursued a career in modeling. She was also interested in business, which led her to start her own company in the fashion industry.

Marriage to Tokyo Sexwale

Judy met Tokyo Sexwale while she was working as a model, and they got married in 1986. The couple had two children together, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2001.


After her marriage to Tokyo Sexwale ended, Judy decided to focus on her career. She started her own clothing company in South Africa, which was very successful. She later went on to become the CEO of a property development company, which she also founded.


Judy is also known for her philanthropic work. She started a foundation called the Judy Van Vuuren Foundation, which provides support to women and children in need. The foundation has helped many families in South Africa, and Judy continues to work hard to make a positive impact in her community.

Net Worth

Judy van Vuuren’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Her successful career as an entrepreneur and her philanthropic work have contributed to her wealth.

Personal Life

Judy van Vuuren is currently single and lives in South Africa. She is very private about her personal life, and not much is known about her outside of her career and philanthropic work.


Though Judy van Vuuren has had a successful career and philanthropic work, she has also faced criticisms. Some people have accused her of using her marriage to Tokyo Sexwale to further her career, and others have criticized her for being too focused on her own success rather than helping others.