Top 10 trends for spring 2016 every girl should know


Each spring, we are presented with some trends to follow and enjoy. If you are the kind who likes to keep up with modern times, you need to keep on reading this article and discover the top 10 trends of this spring. As you will have the opportunity to see for yourself, many of these trends are re-interpretations of classic choices. Based on these trends, you can ensure a perfect look, impressing everyone with your selection regarding skin care, makeup and lip care.

#1 Eyelashes that stand out

The spring of 2016 is the one in which mascara is no longer the favorite of makeup artists. However, for those who want longer and thicker eyelashes, there are plenty of opportunities presented. You can either go with false eyelashes, guaranteed to make your eyes stand out or choose cyan lashes.

#2 Red lipstick

Even though the red lipstick is a classic choice, it is one of the popular trends this spring. There are numerous choices to try out, with the finishes varying from one producer to the other. Among the options that you have available, there are satin, lacquer and matte finishes, so make sure you give all of them a try.

#3 Lip plumping

While there are many products out there recommended as the best lip plumpers, if you want to stay on current trends, you need to try out the lip plumper that delivers a vampire-like effect. Enjoy your dark and moody lips, impressing everyone with your ombre finish.

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#4 Blue eye makeup

Blue eye makeup is a definite trend of this spring, being used to draw attention to brown or hazel-colored eyes. Many fashion designers used eye blue makeup on their models, either in the form of sparkly navy or going with a straight blue line. Either way, you go, it is guaranteed you will stand out.

#5 Bronze

The bronzed aspect is a major trend of this spring, allowing you to look great, no matter the weather or the season outside. This look can be achieved by using bronzing powder or cream, impressing all of your friends with the natural-looking tan.

#6 Eye shadow

When it comes to eye shadow, it might surprise you to discover that the colors that were usually reserved for the lips are recommended this spring for eye wear. Both pink and peach-like shades are to be used as eye shadow, making you look all soft and pretty. Soft orange is just as acceptable, so make sure to try out.

#7 Glitter

Well, you might think that glitter eye shadow is perfect for clubs and party events, but, according to modern trends, it is just as recommended for day wear. If you want to stand out from the crowd and look fantastic, you will try the glitter eye shadow in bold colors, such as electric orange or bright blue.

#8 Nail Art

Neutral manicures might have been popular all these years, but the spring of 2016 welcomes the return of nail art. French tips are stylish again, and you will love the new colors used for nail art. Enjoy the new choices for a great manicure, as your nails will get all the attention they deserve.

#9 Liner

In the spring of 2016, it is fashionable to apply liner on your bottom lash line. So, if you want to look great and follow this trend, it is high time you gave the bottom liner a try. Easy to apply, it delivers a fantastic, bold and elegant look, so make sure you go with various colors.

#10 Foundation

When it comes to foundation, the spring of 2016 promotes the usage of lightweight and liquid products. A liquid foundation guarantees better and more uniform coverage, reducing the risk of the foundation gathering fine in-between lines and wrinkles. Moreover, liquid foundation can hydrate the skin, ensuring that you will look better than ever.

These are the top 10 trends of spring 2016 every girl should know. Do not hesitate to put our practical advice into reality, trying out these trends and see for yourself if they are useful or not.

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