“God Never Said Man Must Marry At All Cost Rather Multiply & I Have Obeyed”- Mzbel

The musician with the most controversy in Ghana, Mzbel, in an interview with Rainbow radio said she’s not ready to be ‘glued to one man’ in the name of marriage. She used the bible to support her ‘no marriage stance’ saying the bible clearly states that man should multiply but it never stated anywhere that man must get married at all cost. When asked if she fears getting married, she said:

Mzbel with her son
Mzbel with her son

“No I’m not afraid of marriage, but I can’t stand a man who is domineering or a dictator… Marriage is good and I’ll encourage anyone to get married only if you can deal with a domineering man.”

She stressed she will encourage any girl to get married but she cannot devote her time to marriage due to her busy schedule. According to her:

“Men cannot be trusted because they only pretend to love you and your children, but after marriage, they show their true identity; So I will not want to marry because God never said man must marry rather multiply and that I have obeyed…Am yet to see a bible quotation which says God ordered man to marry at all cost.”

Mzbel noted, although she is single she is not an available girl because she is seriously hooked up in a relationship. According to her, she will only date men from 45 years and above since they’ll impact knowledge into her, they are not arrogant, they are organised, disciplined and well-mannered and that’s the kind of men she want to date as a lady.

Mzbel added her devotion is to her children both biological and adopted since she want to give them the best of parental care so they grow to become better and responsible adults.
Mzbel Mzbel! The bible saying ‘multiply, doesn’t necessarily mean dropping babies…LOL.