Top Tips To Rock Your Boat Shoes

Shoes are one of most important part of dressing up. They play an integral role in the looks and personality of a man. Boat shoes are quite a rage and popular among the male masses. Boat Shoes are also known as deck shoe or top sider which started as purely work or utility purposes and later turned into the classic pair of shoes for men. These shoes can be dressed up or down according to individual’s need while emanating a sense of sophistication as well as comfortableness.

Boat shoes offers a wide range of variety for men to choose from for different events and occasions. You can avail the benefit of wide array of colors present in this type along with different style, texture and size. It best suits to an individual’s needs as well as wants. All in all, boat shoe provides you with style as well as functioning and should make its way in every men’s wardrobe, given its versatility.

Boat shoes is perfect footwear for not only boat deck but for summer months, given its designing and construction. Here are some cool tips and things about boat shoe that you should know about which are described below:

  • The first thing you need to consider is the situation you are going to wear the shoes in. Different situations warrants for different type, color and designing of shoes. If you are looking for comfortable ones, go for conservative shoes as they goes well with suits and shorts.
  • Boat shoes enhances the overall appearance of the wearer and grabs people’s attention. It’s imperative that your clothes complement your shoes. Shoes alone doesn’t dictate you but they should be able to inform about your clothing choices.
  • Do not wear socks with boat shoes. The mid calf socks of any style are visible and need to go as they ruin the whole idea of these shoes. You can go with no show socks for particular boat shoes, if you are interested in wearing or concerned of sweaty feet without socks. Although you can rock your boat shoes without socks as they have a silicone grip inside the shoe that doesn’t let it slip off.
  • Boat shoes screams out fashion statement. You need to follow a balanced approach towards it in terms of your clothing choice and the type of boat shoes you are planning on wearing. You can’t pair flashy and gaudy color of boat shoes with bold patterned top. You have to tone up or down the clothing according to the choice of your footwear.
  • Boat shoes are not the right choice for the winter season as they look out of place and runs the risk of getting wet. You can save them up for summer season to flaunt. You also have to avoid wearing them on fancy occasions as they are more appropriate for laid back and casual events instead of black tie affairs.
  • Boat shoes gives the best appearance when they can be seen. The pants that shows the whole shoe and goes with its summer rep are the appropriate option. So, it goes well with tapered trousers or short leg trousers.
  • These are mainly made up of two types of material – canvas and leather and sometimes in suede also. The uppers of boat shoes aids in stain proofing and repelling water. You can opt for any kind of boat shoes depending upon your style and the occasion it warrants for.
  • These shoes are famous for its comfortable designing with its rubber sole and easy to slip on quality. While trying out the size of the boat shoe at the time of buying, always make sure that there’s half an inch of space between top of the shoe and your big toe when you are standing.

Boat shoes are able to fulfill many requirements of yours by providing you with a wide range of colors for different occasions while offering you flexibility, comfort and style.

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