Twitter Teases Felix Ofosu Kwakye After He Was Allegedly Caught With Someone’s Girlfriend

A video of Felix Ofosu Kwakye, the former Deputy Information Minister and currently the aspiring NDC MP for Abura Asebu Kwamankese, went viral late Sunday afternoon.

The video is a recording of Felix Ofosu Kwakye allegedly in the home of a lady.

Based on the audio of the video, the brother of the man who recorded the politician, is set to marry the lady in question.

However, the man believed that there was something between Felix and the lady for which he wanted to get a video recording to show to his brother.

The man claimed Felix has been frequenting the lady’s home and that the day the recording was made was the not first time the Felix had been to the house.

In the video, Felix was asking the man to stop recording for them to have a discussion.

Later another video of a lady claiming to have known about the alleged affair also invoked curses should she be telling a lie or Felix and lady she called Della, also claim she was telling a lie.

The juicy viral video of a politician, supposedly caught with another man’s girlfriend got many Twitter fingers fired up!