Ups and Downs of Stonebwoy’s Career

Stonebwoy’s real name is Livingstone Etse Satekla, and he is a Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall as well as reggae artists. If you have heard of the Burniton Music Group, you must realize that Stonebwoy is the CEO of this popular group.

Stonebwoy has been through several ups and downs in his professional as well as personal lives. However, not all of his fans are aware of what he has been through. If you decided to learn more about your favorite artist, here is all the detail that you need.

Stonebwoy and his professional life

Born in Ashaiman in the region of Ghana, Stonebwoy started making music right from the time he was in school. In fact, when he was in the early days of his school, he had developed a keen passion for music, making him addicted to his work. He always wanted to make more and more music so that the others could listen to him.

Sarkodie, the popular rapper was Stonebwoy’s classmate. He got his High School Leaving Certificate from the Methodist Day Secondary School. However, in order to get a degree in Marketing, he continued his education at the University of Professional Studies in the year 2013. As each and every student, he sometimes ordered essays, you can find here one of the resources he used.

The artist began his career as the Stonebwoy by performing as an undercover rapper. Most of the rappers are never motivated by their families, but behind Stonebwoy’s career was the motivation of his family. Every family member was extremely supportive towards the vision that this artist had. He then enrolled for the rap competition called “Kasahare Level” on ADom FM. Doctor Cryme and Sarkodie saw Stonebwoy and his performance. They were quite impressed by how he knocked out various rappers and that’s exactly how he gained all the popularity that he deserved.

The rap battles

The rap battles continued for a long time, and his music style was recognized by not only his fans but the aspiring rappers as well. When he continued with his special style of music, he was noticed by Samini of the “Samini Music” record label. Stonebwoy songs deserved to be appreciated by people all around the globe, and that’s exactly what hit the mind of Samini after looking at Stonebwoy’s impeccable performances.

Stonebwoy music was popularized under “Samini Music” with his very first hit called “Climax.” While “Climax” featured Samini, his second hit “Ghetto Love” featured Irene Logan. Stonebwoy tracks got more exposure when he continued with his career.

Stonebwoy videos were nominated at the Ghana Music Awards. When he got all the exposure that a talented artist like him deserved, he came out with his debut album titled “Grade 1 Album.” This was also brought under the Samini Music that gave him a grand recognition as Stonebwoy in the music industry. In the year 2015, the artist happily signed a deal with the division of VP Records called “VP Africa.”

Stonebwoy’s downfall

You can stay a fan of Stonebwoy, but have you noticed the downfall that’s going on in the life of this artist? Most of the people say that it is due to the disrespect he is causing to Sark’s VGMAs that he is going through a downfall in the music industry at the moment. Despite winning awards for his talents and skills, he is unable to sustain the demand for his music in the market. While he was quite a grounded man earlier, due to which also helped him bang the BET Awards for the Best International Act Africa, he is unable to maintain his respect in the market because he is not showing his gratitude and respect towards others.

There is another reason that a lot of people are giving behind Stonebwoy’s constant failures at the moment and that is his comparison with Samini. No doubt Samini recognized the artist’s talents and gave him a chance in the industry, Stonebwoy has a completely different style of music, and he hates being compared. The artist has also made a harsh statement like, “fools and villagers will compare me to Samini.” He believes he is different, just like his music is.

Currently, not a lot of Stonebwoy songs are working in the industry. People are not listening to his songs the way they did when he was welcomed in the industry. No doubt this stresses the artists, but he also states that it doesn’t bother him at all. In fact, he has always said that he has been creating music for himself and for the fans who like his work. Name and fame are the two things that don’t cause any stress to him, even if he has not been able to sustain his popularity at present.