Ladieeeess!!!! 4 Signs To Prove That He Deserves Your Hand In Marriage

A classically classic man

As the popular Ghanaian music “to be a man nawa” says, it isn’t easy to become a man. There is that need for lifetime companionship via marriage and ladies are also faced with genuine challenges on picking out the best from the lot. Here are 4 things any lady needs to look out for before deciding to settle down with a man.

1. Intelligence
Any man you seek to marry must display this important trait. Mr. Right must be a knowledge seeker not only for his own betterment but also for the betterment of those around him. He must possess the ability to solve various challenges and be innovative in his ideas.

2. Strength
This is both physical and mental. Mr. Right shouldn’t be one who is weighed down by problems. He must possess the required physical and mental strength to make ends meet. He must be patient, committed, respectful, a good communicator and must be physically fit. He must have a good opinion about himself and should be one with a “never say die” spirit.

3. Character
Mr. Right must be high in morality. He should be understanding, emphatic, respectful, real, kind and caring. They believe in peaceful coexistence and easily look over a transgression and should be willing to get to know your family as quickly as possible. Do you think he really wants to marry you when he hasn’t made any attempt to know your family?

4. Confidence/Style
Will you like to get married to a man who lacks believe in himself? What then becomes of your future with him? He should care about his appearance and must exude an aura of self-confidence wherever he is.

Ladies, the moment you see these traits then you should know that you have met your life partner.