“Van Vicker Is Not My Lover” – Actor’s Married Lover Denies Affair Allegations

Van Vicker and Alleged Lover
Van Vicker and Alleged Lover

Van Vicker’s manager Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah has responded to allegations leveled against her by her husband that she has been having an affair with the actor Van Vicker. In a press statement signed by – Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah and copied to Ghanaweb by Van Vicker’s PR, Mustapha Inusah (Nii Attractive) it’s understood that her husband is experiencing a medical crisis.

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Below is the full statement

Press Release

Van Vicker’s Manager reacts to husband’s claims.

In response to the recent rumors trending on the internet concerning Van Vicker and me, none of it is true. Neither Van nor I would do such a thing. We both have families that we love and care about dearly. Van and I have worked together professionally and as a family for over five years and have never encountered such nonsense accusations.

My husband has security issues due to an accident that has completely interrupted his life. He has been harassing all of my male friends, including pastors, ministers, and deacons for years and I chose to ignore.

However, this accusation is too ridiculous for me to ignore because it is in the public domain.

Further, it is my understanding that my husband is going through some type of medical crisis. I will be returning to the US shortly to deal with this situation and would love my family to be left alone whiles dealing with this unfortunate situation privately.

I am currently in Liberia attending to business. While here, we will be premiering our film along with another business associate who also flew in with me from the States to attend both the Ghana and Liberia premieres of the movie ‘Skinned’.

I assure everyone that there is no evidence of any sort to back up these baseless claims by my husband. Whatever pictures and videos he says he can produce will be of us going in and out of events premises, pick ups and drop offs. None of these pictures or video will be compromising in any way.

Again, I am asking that these rumors be put to rest. Van Vicker is my client and ‘family’.

Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah

Thanks and God Bless!