Veteran Actor, William Addo (Akpatse) Pleads For Financial Help To Cure His Eye Problem – He’s Virtually Blind

Veteran actor, William Addo, popularly known as Akpatse has again pleaded for help to enable him undergo an eye surgery worth GHC 40,000 in order to prevent him from totally losing his sight.

He made the passionate appeal for assistance when the Graphic Showbiz visited him at his home at Tefle near Sogakope in the Volta Region.

The 69-year-old actor narrated that in 2016, he was diagnosed with glaucoma and cataract. With the assistance of friends, he said that he was able to undertake some series of tests and surgeries to correct the problem.

According to Akpatse, after that operation, life returned to normal for him and he was able to go about his daily activities without complications.

However, he was unable to meet the financial demands required for regular medication and as a result, his vision started waning in 2018. A situation he described as ‘scary’.

After another assessment, he said that it was discovered that the glaucoma had returned, leaving his eyes in a worsened state thus he was no longer able to see.

Luckily after the said assessment, he said that some people assured him that all hope was not lost and that he could regain his sight if he is able to raise GHc40,000 for his treatment.

He said:

“The cost however is beyond what I can afford as a retiree that is why I want my story to be heard for anyone touched to come to my aid”, he said, adding that he had been suffering from other ailments that were equally a drain on his pocket.

Talking about how serious his ailment was, Akpatse said: “I can’t see so now my movement has been disturbed greatly.

“If you put me anywhere now, I will get lost because, I won’t know where the north, south, east or west is. I can’t pick a call or read messages on my phone without help”, he added.

Appealing particularly to the President of the nation, Akpatse, who believes that he still has a lot to offer the Ghanaian film industry, said: “Please President, I have served my nation well.

“I still believe there are a few more I can do especially nurturing the youngsters to keep our industry alive. Please don’t wait for me to die. Help me now that I need it most”, he appealed.

Note: Excerpts of this information was culled from Graphic Showbiz.