Just last year, Sarkodie became the talk of social media. And this time, it was not for the exhibition of any lyrical prowess. Rather, it was because of the state of his Iphone’s screen protector.

Sarkodie’s screen protector in 2018
However, Sarkodie quenched that flame by purchasing a new screen protector and “calm” was restored on social media.
Fast forward to 2019, a fan tweeted at Sarkodie, pleading with the “Obidiponpidi” to give him any old phone he wasn’t using.

Sarkodie’s response was epic…..and it has got social media really buzzing. Is King Sark really an “ap)s)” man?

In replying, Sarkodie confirmed that he has an old phone which is no longer in use. However, Sarkodie also advised “his fan” to purchase a new phone since the old one he is to give out is too old.

View the conversation below:

Was Sarkodie’s response hilarious or a display of his “ap)s)” nature?

Source: EOnlineGH.com