Video: Kunta Kinte Of Bradez Fame Finally Reveals How He Got Stroke | And It’s Shocking!

It’s no news that Kunta Kinte of Bradez fame has been battling stroke for years now which has cost him his music career. Kunta Kinte, blood brother of rapper Flowking Stone in an interview revealed the cause of the stroke and debunked the several speculations that has been hovering around it. Kunta was on Kesben FM in Kumasi to promote his yet-to-be released song “Resurrection” and he made these revelations. According to him, a nurse at the University of Ghana, Legon gave him the dreadful disease.

“Nobody knows exactly how I got hit by the stroke disease but there were so many rumours of me getting the disease because I had been sleeping with so many girls, gone in for “Juju/blood money” and had even snatched Kwaw Kese’s girlfriend but none of these was ever true.
“My new song titled “The Resurrection of Kunta” which would be released soon is going to tell the exact story of how I got hit by the disease.
“Ok, let me give you just four lines of the “Resurrection” song: ‘3ny3 bosom, 3ny3 obia baa o; 3y3 Nurse nii baa bi a )w) Legon na 3y3 me saa o; 3y3 me ya o; But Nana Nyame a )taa m’akyi nti HE didn’t allow it…’ (This [the stroke] was never caused by anybody but a certain Nurse (lady) in Legon…but because I have GOD, HE didn’t allow it).
“You know what? I didn’t want to let the public know about this for some reasons but erm…anytime the Nurse saw me on campus, she bows her head down in shame.
“…do you know that when I first got sick, I went to see a certain nurse before…?”
“This sickness was not spiritual, it was physical.”
Watch the video below to know what Kunta Kinte said:

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