Instagram celebrity’ and alleged fraudster Hushpuppi was arrested this month. The millionaire is accused of involving himself in many internet crimes including cyber fraud and money laundering.

The Dubai Police during his arrest seized Dh150 million ($40.9m) in cash and more than a dozen luxury cars.

In a video shared by the police, officers explained how they arrested Nigerian gang leader Raymond Abbas, known as Hushpuppi.

Hushpuppi’s principal scam was to create websites that looked identical to well-known companies and banks, it is alleged. He and his accomplices then used emails and messages to prompt people to log in or make payments on the fake sites. The gang hacked corporate emails and directed huge payments by companies towards accounts they controlled.

Olalekan Jacob Ponle, known as Woodberry, was also arrested along with ten other men in an operation involving six police SWAT teams. Along with 13 luxury cars, valued at an estimated Dh25m ($6.8m), police confiscated 21 computers and 47 smartphones.

Watch the full video below.