Was Mzvee’s “Hold Me Now” Video Inspired By Kaakie’s Too Much Video?

Lynx Entertainment act Mzvee recently released visuals to her new single “hold me now” and a scene in the video kind of looks familiar to us. In the middle part of the video, the dancehall act is seen floating on a pool of water — with a glistering skin. Her skin is probably oiled up to give it that glistering look — but wait wasn’t that a concept from Kaakie’s “Too Much” video. Kaakie in her “Too Much” video released on February 28, 2013 in a similar concept was seen lying on top of a moving boat with her skin covered in oil.

Why EonlineGhana.Com believes Mzvee’s video concept was inspired by Kaakie’s video is because coincidentally they were both shot and directed by the same Director, Phamous Philms. Mzvee and Kaakie have been in competition for so long after each claimed to be queen of dancehall music in Ghana. The thirst to stay on top of their games have labelled them enemies. However, Mzvee and Kaakie are said to be on good terms with each stating that the bad blood stories are just rumors.

We hardly see Kaakie and Mzvee together and not that they are supposed to be, their times apart triggers the bad blood rumors even more. Will Kaakie go after Mzvee’s head for stealing her concept? Watch the two videos below and tell us what you think!

Mzvee – Hold Me Now (Official Video)

YouTube video

KAAKIE – TOO MUCH (Official video by Xtra Large Music)

YouTube video