Some refer to this harmattan season as the season of “four legs” – that’s those who are primarily programmed for enjoyment. But to others, the harmattan season is a dreaded one; the dusty roads, the running noses (catarrh) and cold are just tough conditions to deal with and they hope the season vanishes ASAP!

However, there’s a subtle advantage in every seeming disadvantage or so, at least that’s what our motivational speakers make us believe. And that typifies the work of a comedian. They are tasked with a not so easy duty of making light of even the most sensitive of situations to produce an end result – beams of smiles on the faces of their audience. Fail to produce this end result and your stocks will take a nosedive.

For Comedian Waris, it’s not so clear……some think he is just forcing himself onto comedy, yet others also think that he’s good but just needs to up his game. Well, all these opinions are good but one must note that the tortoise who’ll complete a race must be one willing to pay a deaf ear to the loud voices of discouragement!

Waris’ second skit of the year has definitely upped his stocks. He reminds all of us (especially those who relied on gari soakings in the Senior High School) of a very “terrible” event – your soakings turning into “eba” just because you failed to add enough water.

Having a bad day? Or wonna start your day with a smile? Just have a laugh: