Watch Vybrant Faya’s Budum Budum Video That TV Stations Are Refusing To Air

GHONE TV, GTV, CARE TV, Spyder Lee Entertainment TV have rejected Vybrant Faya’s ‘Budum Budum’ video on their various platforms.

According to these TV stations, the video contains obscene scenes and various degrees of nudity was displayed in the video so they can’t show it to their viewers.

After management of Vybrant Faya submitted visual to the song, the content directors at these TV stations then went through a process of vetting and after watching the video, they gave the video back to them, and told them they can’t show the video on their various platforms.

In the ‘Budum Budum’ video, a faceless busty lady was given a close-up shot where the lady was showing cleavage of her boobs and shaking her boobs to the best of her ability, so based on these scenes in the video, management of the various TV stations said ‘No’ to showing the Budum Budum video.

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