What Does Chase Briscoe Look Like In Long Hair- What Happened To Him?

Chase Briscoe, the NASCAR driver, recently made headlines when he debuted a new look with long hair. The 26-year-old driver, who is known for his short, clean-cut style, shocked fans when he posted a photo of himself with long hair on social media.

So, what happened to Chase Briscoe and why did he decide to grow out his hair? According to Briscoe, he was inspired by his wife, Marissa, who had recently grown out her hair. He decided to join her in the long-haired club and has been growing out his hair since the beginning of the year.

The long-haired look has been a hit with fans, who have been commenting on Briscoe’s social media posts with compliments and admiration. Briscoe has also been receiving a lot of attention from the media, with many outlets covering his new look.

Briscoe’s long hair has also been a hit with his fellow drivers. Fellow NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney recently posted a photo of himself and Briscoe with the caption “Long hair don’t care.”

So, what does Chase Briscoe look like with long hair? He looks great! His hair is a light brown color and is styled in a messy, yet stylish, way. He looks like a rock star with his long hair and it definitely suits him.

Overall, Chase Briscoe’s long hair has been a hit with fans and fellow drivers alike. He looks great with his new look and it’s clear that he’s enjoying it. We can’t wait to see what other looks he comes up with in the future!