What to Wear To the Movies

Some things we normally see at the cinemas around town are so……nothing to write home about. For instance, what people wear to the movies?

Sometimes, you see those things and you just want to use your hands to cover your eyes so that you do not see what you are seeing, but your hands are so small, the light of what they are wearing or doing will still hit your eyes.

Well, think about it. What are you supposed to wear to the movies? Anyway, going to the movies is sometimes annoying.

Hahaha. Homer Simpsons of The Simpsons once said, why should you go to the movies, whilst you can watch at home for free?

Hahaha. Our dear old and silly Homer. We miss him. Any fans of The Simpsons here?

Let’s talk about the movies.

Before we talk about the outfit ideas, here are some tips.

Do not wear too much perfume/fragrance. Even if you are on a date, do not do that.

Speaking of wearing, do not wear too much makeup. After all, the room would be dark, wouldn’t it? Stick with something simple. Even if it is a movie premiere, too much makeup is a no no.

It’s not by force to buy food to the movies. I mean, at home, when you are watching movies, do you necessarily buy some popcorn? The fact that you see it in the movies doesn’t mean you should do that.

Enjoy yourself.

Five Outfit Ideas

Outfit #1

outfit 1

Wear a dress with flats and carry a cardigan along. The weather can be chilly at times, especially at night.

Outfit #2

outfit 2

A jeans shirt and a maxi skirt with a fabulous but simple belt is a perfect outfit for going to the movies. Wear flats to accessorize.

Outfit #3

outfit 3

An effortless skirt with a blouse is simple to wear. Flats again? Yes, to be more comfy. It’s a simple outfit to wear to the movies.

Outfit #4

outfit 4

A more girly blouse plus jeans. Yes.

Outfit #5

outfit 5

Shorts and a T shirt with flats for a comfort style.


Which of the outfit pairs is your fave?