Women are the puzzles that always complete the jigsaw. To think of a world without women would be unimaginable. Women always play their roles in ensuring that the world moves smoothly. The most amazing thing is that these women do not always get the necessary plaudits that they deserve. However, our noble women keep on pushing relentlessly despite the lack of adequate recognition. Words do not exist to describe the sacrifice women go through
daily. The pinnacle of these sacrifices being the carrying of a baby in the womb for nine solid months.

In our part of the world, women’s contributions to societal development are most often ignored as women are thought of as lesser species of human beings whose sole purpose on earth is to reproduce and serve in the kitchen. Aww, how untrue and painful this perception is. Well, such perceptions are being gradually dealt with as great strides are being made in ensuring gender balance as well as equality and equity.

A trip down the memory lanes bring into mention Yaa Asantewaa of the Asante Kingdom.
During the time of oppression by our colonial masters, this woman stood up to fight against the cruelty meted out against her Kingdom by the British. Of course, one would have expected the stronger men to this. However, Yaa Asantewaa had other plans. This further goes to buttress the fact that; the heart of a woman contains the strength and zeal of thousands of lions.

A striking lesson from the Yaa Asantewaa escapade is that though she was unable to lead her gallant troops into victory, she was eulogized for her bravery, courage and drive to fight the evils of her time. Oh! How wonderful it will be if we can all develop such zeal, passion and drive to fight negativity and not merely whine and complain against it.

The onus therefore lies on us all, especially women not to look down but rather look deep within ourselves to muster courage despite fear and strive with dedication and determination to leave an indelible mark in all that we do.
At the end, it will be realized that it is not only those that win that matter for there is no victory without the bold step of making an effort.
On this day Thursday, March 8, 2018 where women are being celebrated, it is my hope that irrespective of gender imbalances, our noble women will continue from where the others left off and play their parts to the best of their abilities so that at the end, women will be seen not as mere cooks but as invaluable and indispensable tools necessary for the development of our dear nation, Ghana and beyond.

Baiden Gideon
[email protected]