When Sex Meets Love: Popular Snap Chat Prostitute, Queen Farcadi Marries, Video Drops

Surely, love’s blind! Maybe not. Wait! Love answereth all things! In what’s regarded as shock news, popular Snap chat ‘ashawo’, Queen Facardi is getting married and photos have dropped from the ceremony.

Also, it’s rumoured that the man who’s marrying Queen Farcardi is ‘made of money’ and known as Mr. Frimpong.

The notorious Farcadi gained more notoriety when she revealed during the Delay show that she has slept with over a hundred men from different countries. Surely, she’s secured the money bag eh! but, the ‘toto’ suffer!

Watch the first video of her wedding below:

And it’s not shocking that she’s marrying a man whom she claims crippled her after their sexual bouts and she had to revert to using hot water for 3 straight days to heal her “broken vavajay”.