“You Have Procured Ambulances So We Should Organize Supporters To The Independence Square And Clap For You. You Are Increasingly Becoming Ordinary” – A Plus Fumes At Pres. Nana Addo

Founder of The People’s Project (TPP) and political commentator, A Plus is livid at the government’s decision to “celebrate” the acquisition of 275 ambulances.

The commissioning and distribution of the ambulances is scheduled to be held on the 28th of January at the Black Star Square from 11:00 am.

According to the tough talking A Plus, celebrating such a feat is a recipe for mediocrity.

“You have procured ambulances so we should organize supporters to come to the independence square and clap for you” fumed A Plus.

A Plus also suggested that the money to be used for the commissioning of the ambulances ought to be used to build a clinic instead.

He was of the view that such display of mediocrity ought to be left for other parties and definitely doesn’t befit the NPP.

A Plus’ criticism of Pres. Nana Addo stems from the fact that the President’s marking scheme is totally different from that of others, especially those described as “incompent”.

But Ghanaians are funny people. We have been “used” so much so that even when a government does what is required of them, we tend to celebrate it to the latter.

Things must change but when?

3b3 y3 yie nie?

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