“You’re A Fool Who Needs Money” – Efia Odo Blasts Prophet Who Told Her To Repent

Actress and TV presenter Efia Odo has descended heavily on a man of God who advised her to repent from her sinful ways.

The actress earlier on posted photos of herself on her instagram page wearing skimpy outfit.

The barely-there outfit drew the attention of her follows including a self-styled Prophet who decided to leave a word of caution under her post.

The Prophet known as Davis told Efya Odo to repent else she’ll go mad and run naked on the streets, and it seems this wasn’t his first encounter with her too.

He wrote (unedited)

Repent i keep telling you. Soon u will go naked on the street, and u will get to the end of the road, which no return, soon u will lose your job at the TV station. And u will see, what am telling u.

Efia Odo however didn’t take lightly to the comment and decided to clap back at the Prophet — branding him as an attention seeker who went into ministry for money

She wrote

cuz he wasn’t called by God???? he’s a fool who needs money so he went into ministry

Next time you’re on Efia Odo’s page, make sure you mind your business. The actress made this quite clear by writing

u can’t comE ON MY PAGE AND TELL ME HOW TO RESPOND TO FOOLS. It’s Sunday you should’ve minded your business from the jump