Outspoken actress Lydia Forson has taken to twitter today to voice out her displeasure at Multimedia owned radio station, Hitz FM, over a false story run on their platform earlier.

On the station’s morning showbiz, Day break Hitz, one of the headlines for discussion was captioned on their social media pages as “Lydia Forson to organize ‘We don’t need National Cathedral’ demonstration.”, a statement the actress finds both untrue and misleading.

According to the actress, she never made such as a statement and therefore finds it surprising that a whole radio station will run such a story without calling her to verify its authenticity.

Through a series of tweets, she made sure the radio station felt her wrath and displeasure.

” How SHAMEFUL are you as a radio station, to hold a discussion on a publication that’s not only FALSE but one I’ve said repeatedly said isn’t true. ” …….. the award winning actress said in one of her tweets after calling Hitz FM out.

“You’re all a disgrace to journalism, and a BIG part of everything wrong in this country.” she added.

The original tweet which was somehow misconstrued and run by several blogs read.

Read her twitter rants below.