Yvonne Nelson Allegedly Defrauds Man (Photos + Audio)

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has been accused by Marouff Kamara of defrauding him. According to the man who lives in Sweden, he has sent money to the actress on several occasions but the actress who promised to pay back the loan is proving stubborn. He says Yvonne Nelson is not willing to pay the loan granted her.

Mr. Kamara has produced receipts of all money sent to the former Miss Ghana contestant but from the looks, the money was sent to wrong person. He disclosed that the initial amount of money was sent to the actress but the subsequent ones were sent to one Stella Osavuwa in Nigerian who Yvonne introduced as her secretary.

On how he met the actress, he revealed that a Nigerian living in Lagos who introduced himself as the actress’ manager recommended Yvonne Nelson to him as a good woman who will return the loan. He said he has been in contact with the actress for a very long time which made him trust her and subsequently sent her money on several occasions. He further stated that he met the actress in London sometime past.

In an audio available to, it is not clear if the lady Marouff Kamara has been talking to for all these while is the Ghanaian actress, model, film producer, entrepreneur . The voice of the lady in the skype conversation sounds different from the producer of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” movie.

Yvonne Nelson refused to react to the accusation by Marouff Kamara when Hitz FM’s Mzgee contacted her on phone. She said a case like this has happened several times so it will be better if she keeps mute on it.

A check by has revealed that Marouff Kamara studied at University of Cape Coast in the late 80s. A comment under a publication about Yvonne Nelson on dated October 28 2015 by Kamara reads “Hej guys!
My good friend here Yvonne Nelson is absolutelly one of the best females actress i have ever met, I am so proud of her and as we both are becoming best friends, chatting ,commucating and the like. She is my dream girl and best idol. Marouff Kamara/ dmk”

Check out the audio and photos belowfb

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SOURCE: Zionfelix.Com