Largely, Africa is a very ironical continent; a continent which boasts of a lot of natural resources, yet resonates with hunger and a deprived people anytime it is mentioned.

And at the fore front of Africa’s ills is largely its political players/leaders who have made it a point to loot resources albeit to the detriment of their respective countries.

Actress, Yvonne Nelson has taken that to heart and has obeserved a predictable behavioural trend with most politicians when the election year catches up with them.

She has rightly observed that it is during an election year that politicians put up multifaceted personalties in order to win political power.

According to her, politicians become actors, feigning humility so as to win political power.

She is also of the view that those who do such donations and get it published only do so to score political points.

Ultimately, the electorates are the prey!