5 Artistes That Can Take Ghana To The Grammys

Ghana has a whole lot of talents that can take the country’s name high. Let’s take a look at the music sector. We have some great music makers in the country. Some are out and gaining fame while others are still hiding, waiting to be discovered.
A long time ago, I was thinking of the Grammy. I thought, is there any Ghanaian that can take the name there? We are mostly famous for our Black Stars and……what else, our cocoa and hospitality? We have great talents in our music industry and it was hard to pick out who and who can take Ghana to the Grammy.
It was very tough, picking but behold!, below are five artistes that can take Ghana to the Grammy. (Flip To The Next Pages For More!)

Most people have a love-hate relationship with this man. Some days, they love him, others too, they seem to be disappointed in him. But, who cares? He is talented and we looooove his rap. Trust me, he is one of the finest rappers in GH and beyond! He makes Twi rap a fabulous fashion.
Why do you think, he can take GH to the Grammys? Come on, people, he has done it before with BET Best International Act Award, Africa. Plus, he’s gone far to make music with Acehood. Forget the flaws, he can do it.