5 Great Reasons Why Sarkodie Is The Perfect Role Model For You!

(4) Sarkodie is an incredibly passionate talent:

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There is no truly successful person with international prominence today who lacks extreme passion for his/her potential. Successful folks became successful by dint of rare passion to a large extent. And any talented individual who has low or moderate passion for his talent is certainly bound to stagnate or even fail. Yes, Sarkodie, who is a talented Ghanaian rapper, has always been incredibly passionate about rap music. No wonder he describes himself as a studio rat — only extremely passionate musicians can say that. And he is more passionate about rap than anything else. That is how I live daily as a young writer.

(5) Sarkodie’s achievements are mind-blowing and unparalleled:


Sarkodie is undoubtedly the African rapper with the highest number of awards. He has won more than 50 awards in just five years. That is absolutely fascinating and simply unprecedented. Sarkodie has done unthinkable things as an African rapper which most of his competitors only wish for. His mind-boggling achievements are a great proof of his peerless abilities as an African rapper. So I call him the greatest Ghanaian musician of all time and the biggest African rapper at the moment. His achievements actually back them up.

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