Sarkodie over the past few years has achieved so much in his career. His music is basically played world wide and he keeps churning out hits after hits.

When it comes to his style of life — I’ll say “Obidi” is the voice of the voiceless — the no nonsense type who will give you a taste of your own medicine. He is known for taking on the government for policies which are unfair to the people and also airing out his grievances at the media. Sarkodie is also a fashion maniac who goes with the trends, he is very tolerable and admirable and it’s no secret that he is loved by many, even by people who don’t enjoy his music.

(1) Sarkodie is one of Ghana’s foremost brands on the international stage:

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Ghana may be regarded as a tiny country in the West African sub-region of sub-Saharan Africa, but it has huge recognition in the global music industry because of Sarkodie’s overwhelming exploits. He is no doubt the leading face of Ghana music the world over, and that has made him one of Ghana’s foremost brands on the international stage. His powerful music career has actually projected the name of Ghana into global recognition, particularly in the music fraternity worldwide.

(2) Sarkodie is one true hustler:


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Who is a hustler? A hustler is not just an extremely wretched person who seems to be accursed. No, a hustler in the world of talent is a person who really experiences sickening challenges in his pursuit of success. And Sarkodie was simply a hustler in that sense. He started off as a promising rapper who was perceived as the underdog in Ghana’s rap game. He suffered numerous rejections, discouragements, disappointments etc. for years, but he pressed ahead with his burning ambition to become a very successful musician. Indeed, his hustling attitude is worthy of emulation by Ghanaian youths.

(3) Sarkodie has really defied the odds:

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This is my most favourite reason since it actually motivates me as a writing entrepreneur in Ghana. When Sarkodie began rapping in Twi and aimed at going global with his indigenous rap music, most people were skeptical of his seemingly unrealistic aspirations. This is because they thought that Ghanaian rap, especially in Twi, was not marketable on the international music arena. But Sarkodie proved all the sceptics wrong by becoming Ghana’s most financially successful rapper with massive international reputation. I will definitely do same as a very promising Ghanaian writer.