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You are welcome to the EOnline Ghana Report, where we will be talking about what is in vogue (trends) in the country and all over the world plus some news somewhere in the corner.

Let’s start with fashion




For some time now, chokers have taken over the normal necklace swag. They are much loved by celebs, fashionistas and most people are rocking it in a fabulous way. Chokers were a thing in the nineties, according to sources, and most fashionistas hope it is here to stay.

choker 2



Body makeup


Body makeup is a new beauty wear in town. We all know of the face makeup, but have you ever considered the body makeup? It is an idea that most people are learning to get used to. One body makeup that people are learning to use is the body contour. We all know contouring is using a bronzer underneath the cheekbone to make it more defined.

Well for body contouring, it is the same thing, the only difference is, it is done on another part of the body, such as the neck, arms, and legs.

Peel off makeup


Peel off makeup has been there for some time already, but it is a thing we are still learning to get used to it. Imagine going to bed with a peel off lipstick, and not worrying about staining your pillowcase. Or imagine waking up without having to do your nails. Peel off make up is a life saver, but it might be disgusting to some. Some of the peel off makeup promise skin care benefits, while others leave a stain of colour after hours of using it.

What is your opinion on peel off make up? Yay or nah?




For users of Windows phone, there is no way of using Snapchat, but there are unofficial Snapchat apps like Specter which allows you to have a little feel of how the app works. Unfortunately, there are issues concerning using an unofficial app from Snapchat. For instance, the company has been strict on unofficial apps, so some accounts of users have been banned for using it. This app is also a paid app, which makes it difficult for Windows Phone users to try it.

But the good news is, the app has been updated to version 1.5.0 and it has added an image and video editor. Users of Windows Phone are hoping to have Snapchat in their store, till then, Specter is there to compensate us.


YouTube video

For all Disney lovers like me, the first teaser trailer for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is here. It stars Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The film comes out March 17, 2017. It feels far away, but we are patiently waiting with our fingers crossed.

Celebrity Instagram Stories

Here are our best celebrity Instagram posts with the best caption.

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