“Take It Easy On My Wife When Kissing & Smooching Her” – Shatta Wale

Dancehall artist Shatta Wale has admitted that he is in full support of his wife’s new found love for acting. Michelle Diamond, who debuted her acting career with Delay’s upcoming TV series, Cocobrown according to Shatta Wale has always had a passion for acting. Shatta is however pleading with Ghanaian actors in the movie industry to keep their cool when playing romantic roles with his wife.

Speaking on Starr FM, the “WMT” singer said

“Oo my wife has always wanted to act, even when I met her, one thing she constantly told me was her desire to be an actress, so I’m 100% in support of her decision to act.

I can’t say she should play this role and she shouldn’t play that role. All I’m begging with actors is that they should take it easy on her when it comes to kissing, smooching and other romantic roles. They shouldn’t go far, I beg them.”