Ibrah One Is Still Not Convinced – Doubts NAM 1’s Reported Arrest

The report of the arrest of NAM 1 has been comfirmed by the Ghana Police Service as well as most of the Ghanaian media houses. However, there’s still a doubting Thomas in the name of Ibrah One.

Ibrah One has given his reasons why he thinks NAM 1’s reported arrest is being staged.

Chief of his claims is that The National, the only website in the UAE which has published NAM 1’s story isn’t credible enough.

Below is how The National reported the issue OF NAM 1’s arrest :

Ibrah One went on to validate the above reason by proving that the bigger and more credible news sites in the UAE such as The Gulf News, Arab News and Dubai. com have still not reported anything related to NAM 1 and his reported arrest. See images below:

The Gulf News provides “no search results” for Nana Appiah Mensah

Ibrah One urged Ghanaians to see further than they’re being made to see. Ibrah One suggested that NAM 1 is so important to some people to the extent that he’s being protected.

Ibrah One also had his say on the image making rounds on social media which seeks to confirm NAM 1’s arrest.

Is Ibrah One telling the truth? Time, only time will tell.