Here Are The Best New Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

When I think of best new products, I think of products that solved a problem we previously thought was not possible.

Below are a list of the best new products or inventions that most people don’t know about.

1. Senz stormproof umbrella

Use an umbrella in windy weather, and you know how pointless the umbrella becomes. A relatively new umbrella, called Senz stormproof umbrella, can withstand wind speeds of 100+ km/h.



2. Alfa

Alfa is a cardboard bicycle made 100% from recycled materials. Amazingly, it is both waterproof and fireproof. The inventor, Izhar Gafni, and his business partner ERB has an ambitious goal of manufacturing these bikes for $9 to benefit people in the third world.


3. Flyboard

A new watersport equipment, called Flyboard, allows you to fly around across the water like Iron Man. Think of it as wearing boots with a fire hose attached to them.


4. Biolite CampStove

If you’ve gone camping before, you’ve probably used a propane cooker or propane lantern. It works, but propane gives off toxic gases when burned and you have to bring propane canisters with you – heavy, flammable, and what if you run out?
Biolite CampStove solves this problem. Just use twigs and wood chips you find anywhere, and you have clean-burning fire and electricity

Biolite CampStove


5. Staircase

A bookcase that is also a staircase for people who are vertically challenged



6. Overade

Bike helmets are great for protecting your head. But they have always been a pain to carry around because its so big. It’s the #1 reason why people don’t wear a bike helmet. Some company created a bike helmet – called Overade – that you can fold and unfold within seconds. Now, that’s a new product that saves lives.