BIG TIME GOOF: Wendy Shay Mocked For Missing A Line Whiles Singing The Popular Gospel Song, “Ancient Of Days”

Ghanaian Afrobeat artiste, Wendy Shay’s impact as a musician has been great and inspirational. Virtually from nowhere, she’s come to stay! And her name’s also on the lips of most music loving folks!

However, she might have overstepped her boundaries when she tried singing a very popular gospel song. Well, I guess she has to stick to her Afrobeat, eh?

In a very short video, the Rufftown Record Label signee messed up a line when she was singing the popular gospel song, ‘Ancient of Days’.

In the video, Wendy Shay could be heard saying “Ancient of days how old as you are,” instead of “Ancient of days as old as you are”.

Well, it isn’t a big deal… it?

Watch the video below: