Black Women Must Embrace Their Colour

A recent survey indicated that Black women consistently reported higher self-esteem than white or Hispanic women and among other things they were far more likely to describe themselves as successful, Black women also think more positively about themselves and their bodies when they look in the mirror.
Sometimes shyness is the result of an underlying problem like low self-esteem. Therefore, honing in on the things you like about your personality and working on your self-image as a black lady can increase your sense of self-worth. While you definitely don’t have to dress up everyday to feel confident, putting a little effort into wearing clothes that make you feel good can help give you that extra boost. Moreover, simple things like maintaining your hygiene can also make all the difference.
When you Speak of Black women, their beauty is a little different. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re grown enough to accept and acknowledge that there is more than one definition of beauty, but you can’t bring up the subject of unique beauty without mentioning black women. From the ever-changing tresses, to the high cheekbones, wide hips and rounded full lips and bottoms (you are truly a sight to behold).
Now if you hadn’t noticed. Black girls have a certain swagger that you can find no where else in any other race. The way they dance , the way they talk, the way they dress and do their hair. Without realising it, young black women have been instrumental in setting trends on the cat walk and on mainstream fashion, music and lifestyle for years. You are a black girl, lady, woman, you are unique, outstanding and very confident don’t let anyone despise your beautiful skin and never alter your skin for anything.

By Barimah Amoaning Samuel